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Data Use Policy
SRC -IAR-SHUFE Database Terms of Use

    According to the relevant rules of the Chinese government, the use of data is limited to academic researches purpose. In order to obey the rule and protect the interviewees' information, please use your real name while registering and agree to obey the following terms:
    1. It is prohibited to publish the original micro data in SRC-IAR-SHUFE Database in any form. The data in the SRC-IAR-SHUFE Database can be used for gaining statistics or analyzing results only, and the results should never leak the private information of the samples.
    2. It is prohibited to release, move, rent or sell the data in the SRC-IAR-SHUFE Database to the third party in any kind . 
    3. It is prohibited to seek profits, ownership or interests from the data in the SRC-IAR-SHUFE Database. The data cannot used for any commercial purpose. 
    4. If any violations against the above terms are spotted, the Center reserves the right to warn the user and terminate his right of use or take corresponding measures. 
    5. The data users should express thanks to the SRC-IAR-SHUFE in their publications after using the data: “Special thanks to the Survey Research Center, Institute for Advanced Research, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics in providing the research data.” 
    (Your personal information will be used for registration only. We shall never release, move, rent or sell your information to the third party in any kind.)