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SRC -IAR-SHUFE Database:
——China Social Economic Data

Over more than thirty years of reform and opening up, China's society and economy has undergone great changes. China's development has been drawing the world's attention; China's problems are tend to become international problems. To study these problems, a good command of China's reality is an important premise. The different kind of data, including macro and micro, first-hand and second-hand data etc can be the source of discovering China's reality in academic researches. 
Institute for Advanced Research (IAR) at Shanghai University of Finance and Economics is a cross-disciplinary research platform committing to studying China's problems. Survey Research Center (SRC)of IAR undertakes the collection of China's social economic data for academic purpose. Currently, a micro database and macro one are completed preliminarily. The samples in the micro database are enterprises and families. Meanwhile, a micro database on the information of Chinese officials who are closely related to China's society and politics. The micro database covers enterprises information micro data, import and export customs micro data, listed company data and household survey micro data etc. The macro database contains four levels data including national, provincial, prefecture level and county level data covering national economic accounting, population, industry, energy, environment and health etc. We have also been collecting some published yearbooks including environment yearbook, health yearbook, finance yearbook and industry yearbook etc. to avoid redundant work for researchers. Because there is always association between social economic phenomenon, SRC will establish associations between different catalog of data, for example, the association between micro enterprises financial information and import and export information and the association between micro enterprises information and the macro information in its location etc. It is believed that this can help better understand many complex problems in China. 
SRC aims to provide data support for empirical researches in China and will cooperate with other data center in collecting China's social economic data, thus promoting the data resource sharing. 

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