Brief Introduction to Provincial Data

Provincial Data mainly content Energy, Region, Environment, Population and Economic Society.
Total Energy Consumption, Coal Consumption, Crude Oil Consumption, Gasoline Consumption, Kerosene Consumption, Fuel Consumption, Natural Gas Consumption, Electric Power Consumption
Contains 56 variables including Urban Developed Areas, Land Put in Requisition for State Construction Projects, Population Density of Urban Districts, Living and Producing Consumption of Water, Coal Gas Production Capacity, Length of Coal Gas Pipelines, Length of Natural Gas Pipelines, Length of Liquefied Petroleum Gas Pipelines, Coal Gas Supply of the Whole Year, Natural Gas Supply of the Whole Year, Liquefied Petroleum Gas Supply of the Whole Year, Population Using Coal Gas, Number of Buses in Urban Areas at Year-end, Number of Parks, and Number of Public Lavatories etc. 
Contains 183 variables including Forestry System, Investment in Industrial Anti-pollution, Investment in Construction, Forest Pest Control Rate, Afforestation Area, Forestry Land Area, Number of Pollution Accidents, Losses Coverted into Cash Caused by Pollution, Number of Earthquakes, Casualties Caused by Disasters, Losses Caused by Disasters, Total Water Resources Volume, Total Consumption of Water, Volume of Wastes Discharged, Waste Treatment Capacity and Waste Treatment Volume etc.
Total Population at Year-end, Total Urban Population at Year-end, Total Rural Population at Year-end, Birth Rate, Mortality Rate
Economic Society:
Economic Society Data content National Economic Accounting, People’s Livelihood and Commodities Price and Revenue and Expenditure, Transportation, Education and Technology, Real Estate Construction, Farming, Forestry, Animal Husbandry and Fishery, Energy, Ecology, Solid, Air and Water Pollution, Population and Employment.
National Economic Accounting:
Contains 73 variables including Industry Added Value, Amount of Consumption, Fixed Assets Investment, Investment Capital Source, Gross Industrial Output, Local Financial Statement Income, Local Financial Statement Expenditure, Tourism Income and Number of Tourists etc.
People’s Livelihood and Commodities Price and Revenue and Expenditure:
Contains 75 variables including CPI, Commodity Price Index, Investment Price Index, Raw Coal Production, Home Appliances Production, Residents’ Disposable Income, Total Volume of Retail Sales, Number of Medical Care Institutions, Number of Employees in Medical Care Institutions and Public Libraries etc. 
Total Passenger Traffic, Number of Highways Passengers, Number of Waterways Passengers, Number of Railways Passengers, Total Freight Traffic, Number of Highways Freight, Number of Waterways Freight, Number of Railways Freight, Total Passenger-kilometer, Highways Passenger-kilometer, Waterway Passenger-kilometer, Railway Passenger-kilometer, Total Freight Ton-kilometer, Highways Freight Ton-kilometer, Waterway Freight Ton-kilometer, Railway Freight Ton-kilometer, Length of Railways in Operation, Length of Highways, Expressway, Double-Tracking Length, Length of Navigable Inland Waterways, Number of Civil Vehicles Owned, Private Cars
Education and Technology:
Contains 32 variables including Number of Institutions of Higher Education, New Student Enrollment, Student Enrollment, Number of Graduates, Number of Full-time Teachers in Institutions of Higher Education, Number of Full-time Teachers in Primary Schools, Students Enrollment in Secondary Schools, Students Enrollment in Primary Schools, Number of Persons Engaged in Scientific and Technological Activities, Full-time Equivalent of R&D Personnel, Research and Development Expenses, Achievements in Scientific and Technological Research and National Prizes Won, Number of National Scientific and Technological Progress Prizes Awarded, Transaction Value in Technical Market by Region, Total Patent Applications Examined and Total Patent Applications Certified etc.
Real Estate Construction:
Contains 85 variables including Floor Space under Construction, Floor Space Completed, Average Selling Price of Commercial Houses, Investment Completed in Real Estate of Current Year, Floor Space of Selling House, Gross Output Value of Construction, Total Tax, Value of Buildings Completed etc.
Farming, Animal Husbandry and Fishery:
Contains 30 variables including Grain Output, Oil-bearing Crops Output, Cotton Output, Electricity Consumed in Rural Areas, Total Sown Area, Fiber Crops Output, Tobacco Output, Fruit Output, Tea Output, Output of Meat, Output of Aquatic Products, Gross Agricultural Output Value, Gross Forestry Output Value, Gross Animal Husbandry Output Value, and Gross Fishery Output Value etc.
Total Energy Consumption, Coal Consumption, Coke Consumption, Crude Oil Consumption, Gasoline Consumption, Diesel Oil Consumption, Kerosene Consumption, Fuel Oil Consumption, Natural Gas Consumption, Electricity Consumption, Total Energy Production, Coal Production Percentage, Crude Oil Production Percentage, Natural Gas Production Percentage, Water and Electricity Production Percentage.
Contains 58 variables including Prevention Rate of Forest Pests, Number of Geological Disasters Prevention Projects, Total Afforestation Area, Number of Nature Reserves, Nature Reserves Area, Agricultural Land Area, Transportation Area, Number of National and Provincial Natural Reserves and Area of National and Provincial Natural Reserves etc. 
Solid, Air and Water Pollution:                                
Number of Enterprises Discharging Industrial Waste Water, Volume of Industrial Waste Water Discharge, Total Water Supply, Total Water Consumption, Number of Industrial Waste Water Treatment Facilities, Industrial Solid Waste Discharge, Number of Garbage Processing Plants, Waste Incineration Volume, Industrial Soot Emissions, Smoke Control Region Area
Population and Employment:
Contains 25 variables including Total Population at Year-end, Birth Rate, Mortality Rate, Number of Employed Persons at Year-end, Number of On-post staff and Workers at Year-end, Urban Registration Unemployment Rate, Urban Employed Persons, and Number of Employed Persons from the Three Industries etc.