Brief Introduction to National Data

    National Data content National Economic Accounting, Industrial Output Monthly, Financial Securities and Fixed Assets Investment.
    National Economic Accounting:
    Total Exports, Export Quantity, Producer Price Index of Products, National Financial Revenue and Expenditure, GDP and Added Value, Imports and Exports, Import and Export Commodity Price Index, Total Imports, Imports Quantity, Consumer Price Index, Passenger-cargo Traffic Volume, Commodity Purchase Price Index, Commodity Retail Price Index, Producer Price Index, Investment Price Index, Foreign Direct or Indirect Investment, The Basic Situation of Postal and Telecommunication Services, House Trading and Sales Price Index

    Industrial Output Monthly:
    Electrical Gas Equipment and Water Production, Textile Products and Clothing Leather Products, Sales Rate and Growth Rate of Industrial Enterprise Products, Ferrous and Non-ferrous Metal Smelting and Rolling Products, Chemical Raw Materials and Products and Chemical Fiber, Furniture and Accessories, Transportation Equipment, Metallic and Non-metallic Mineral and Products, Coal Selecting Products, Wood and Bamboo Rattan Brown Grass and Rubber Plastic Products, Agricultural and Sideline Products and Food and Tobacco and Beverages, National Construction and Investment in Real Estate Development, Petroleum Coking and Nuclear Fuel and Natural Gas Exploration Products, General and Special Equipment, Instruments Office Supplies and Craft Products and Stationery

    Financial securities:
    Contain 307 variables including Monetary and Quasi Monetary, Gold Reserves, Exchange Rate of the yuan to Foreign Currencies, Trading Volume of Interbank Lending, Financial Institutions Deposits, Financial Bonds Issued by Financial Institutions, Financial Institutions Loans, A/B Share Accounts, Total Market Capitalization of A/B Share, A/B Share Trading Volume, Shanghai/Shenzhen Composite Index etc.
    Fixed Assets Investment:
    Contain 213 variables including Capital Source of Fixed Assets Investment, Investment Amount of Projects of Fixed Assets, Total Investment in Metal and Non-metal Investment, Total Investment in Construction, Total Investment in Communication Facilities, Total Investment in Transportation, Sum of Fixed Assets Investment Used, Total Investment in Farming, Forestry, Animal Husbandry and Fishery, Total Investment in Education, Total Investment in Mining Industry and Total Investment in Food etc.