Brief Introduction to County-level data

County-level data come from the city  yearbook and the county-level aggregated data of the 2000 Consensus.

County-level city yearbook covers 66 variables  including Number of Subscribers of Local Telephone (year-end), Cultivated Land  Area, Savings Deposit in Urban and Rural Areas, Number of Urban Employed  Persons, Total Exports, Local Government Revenue, Local GDP, Investment of  Fixed Assets, Total Grain Output, Number of Employed Persons in Enterprises of  Year-end, Number of Regular Secondary Schools, Total Retail Sales of Consumer  Goods, Number of Households of Villages and Number of Doctors etc.  

The 2000 census contains 157 variables  including Total Population, Population of Different Age Groups, Population of Different  Educational Level, Population of Farming/Forestry/Animal Husbandry and Fishery,  Mining and Quarrying, Construction, Finance and Insurance, Social Services,  Three Industries as Percentage to All Types of Industries, People's Marital  Status and Fertility Status, Housing Status, Source of Housing and Natural  Population Change etc.